Aluminium info

ALUMINIUM, it is a metal of very good importance in the world. It’s use in many places. It is the part of the 110 elements found in earth.

Density of aluminium makes them a good metal. It has many good properties which even make it reliable in the use of many household things.


It has a good conductivity of electricity. Electrical charges can pass through the aluminum wire. It is a good conductor of electricity. So it is used in electrical wire which is used in the household electrical things. Many companies using it in their cables and this is it property that it is guarantee as a life cable. Peoples used it very much. It can also use as earth in the houses, sometimes the electricity is spread in the house then its earth property make them house save from any danger because earth can move the electricity in the ground.

All the metals have the symbols for their identification and instead of using full name we use its symbols so ALUMINIUM symbol is “Al”. It has a charge on its atom +3. It’s mean it has the ability to give three atoms to other element.


ALUMINIUM also used in many pharmaceutical products in industry. Like the aerosol which is made of ALUMINIUM. In the aerosol the purpose of using the ALUMINIUM is to prevent the chemical reaction between the formulation and the container of aerosol. Another advantage of using ALUMINIUM in the aerosol container that it prevents the formulation from leakage, incompatibility and corrosion


ALUMINUM being a good metal used in many electrical things likes television, iron, cooler, computers or many other things. Its density is too low that is why it is using in those needed things. If its density is high then it is difficult to use it in these things because at that situation we have to soften it first then made it applicable for use.

ALUMINIUM uses in the windows to make the different types of household windows, grills and other things. It is also used in many different washrooms appliance like taps or racks.

It is easy to color to mask it natural color when it is extracted from mines.

It occurs in many countries in mines, some sources are discovered and some are yet to be discovered.

PAKISTAN is one of the countries which have the very infinite sources of ALUMINUIM in their mines.



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